17 april 2024

Vote SGP from abroad!

June 6 2024 will be a decisive moment for the continuation of Christian politics in the European Parliament. SGP and ChristenUnie no longer share a candidate list as they did before, and are now both facing the challenge of collecting enough votes to take a Parliamentary seat.

Europe has strayed from its Christian roots and values. Secularization is on the rise: think of constantly devalued pro-life issues, gender ideologies, marriage and family and (often hostile) attitudes toward Israel. A strong Christian voice is needed, now more than ever.

Not just the Netherlands, but also Europe, needs a revaluation of Gods holy laws and institutions. The results of the elections will be decisive for the course of the European Union, and thus for the policy frameworks that will affect the Netherlands.

We have experienced that small Christians parties are in no way powerless. Its Parliamentarians can put important themes on the joint agenda, give explanations of vote on crucial topics in attendance of the full Parliament, or become rapporteurs on EU-policy reports.

As for our Christian testimony: a small light can light up a large, dark room. Only a little bit of salt is already sufficient to provide flavor and resist decay (Matth. 5:13-16). It reminds us of Daniel, who chose to exemplify Biblical values in the Babylonian court, by which he honored and served God.

Choose to preserve a clear Biblical sound in Europe. Take your responsibility and go vote. Please remember our cause and the course of the elections in your prayers.

You can file your request to vote from abroad until April 25 via the municipality of The Hague. Click here to register. 

Download the English flyer here.